Saturday, November 29, 2008


man there's only two more weeks of school!
its making me lose my hair!!!! literally!!!! seriously....

im going to be registering for classes on monday morning. yikes.
currently doing a part time internship for gary baseman with christinie. we went over there on tuesday and did work work.

almost done with my last painting for sean's class...

thanksgiving was nice and festive. filled with what thanksgivings all about anyway. friends and family and FOOD!

Friday, November 21, 2008

a few more

4 color screen print of a childhood memory
2 color screen print of a somersaulting rabbit
the behind of a rabbit pillow created by xerox transfer onto fabric
full frontal 
illustration design 
beck on a wood panel painted with acrylic in a pixelated form because of his use of old 8 bit game boy sound effects


sneak peak of a painting im working on.....OOOOOO the anxiety!
in class painting for advanced portraiture
illustrative story telling at scott's studio
first painting for portraiture
second painting for advanced portraiture of me and my BRO
second painting for portraiture of stupid me
in class painting for advanced portraiture
illustrative storytelling
alter ego self portrait for drawing concepts 2
visual metaphor for image and idea! typewriter made of cardboard painted with acylic
sea monster themed doll for image and idea
digitally colored version of rabbit invasion for digital life
editorial piece for image and idea
society of illustrators poster for digital life
years ago
monotype for ill des lab
and again!

told you it was upload overload

Monday, November 10, 2008

o hai

today is my mom's birthday!
happy birthday maaaaam!

so i am pretty sure our digital camera has turned into a genuine piece of digital trash so i have not been able to show you kiddies anything interesting whatsoever except walls of text. 
these are just two doodles that i scanned randomly...

anyway this week has been slow and tardy. after coming back from ape i realized that there isnt that much time left until the end of the term.
good and bad!
and since a light term is pretty chiiilllllllll...i've been a little bit on the lazy side this weekend....*shame*
either way it was fun and im enjoying the cold.
i had lunch with gary baseman and danni and christine this weekend and that was quite an experience. 
i watched that swedish vampire movie (let the right one in) at the laemmle yesterday with christine mashanda and was pretty good so you should go watch it!
christine and i also made oatmeal cookies that were quite delectable!
and we watched silent hill...
and took creeper pictures around town...
and biked....
and ate at los gringos locos today at lunch....
and was just a bit late to class.....

but it was all ok!
we had some long demos today.
i also went to tasty mountain with paul waul...


its nice to be in my room now that im actually here and hanging out by myself. i enjoy.
there was definitely more nonsense i wanted to fill yer brains with but i cant quite remember. 

wanna ride bicyyyyyyclesss???????

and hey, i dug up pokemon snap on the good ol n64 today. shit that game is hard!

Monday, November 3, 2008


ape is finally over and we're heading back to la after breakfast!
its been crazzzzzy meeting all different kindsa sortsa people!!!!!

we took so many insane photos, and they shall be posted!
the plan is to put up pieces on here that i still have left over from ape so, that will be here soon!

and my coming now page is finally up! its linked to my blog and my email but its:

see youuuu!