Monday, April 27, 2009


hi people!

i just got an email informing me that american illustration chose one of my pieces to be on their website permanently. too bad it didn't get into the book but i'm happy either way! 

this is the lucky piece. of course it's one of the more obscene. 


Thursday, April 16, 2009


final roxy chicken jam poster for ann's advanced illustration studio class. digitally assembled, traditionally painted with gouache on bfk rives.
i painted all the animals on one sheet of rives, and on a separate sheet i painted the environment. here are some close ups of the critters:

i enjoy the moose and the dumb rabbit. and the angry cat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i repainted the background on this piece so it looks more finished. op ed ended yesterday and i'm sad because that was really a good class.
this is my op art piece about the more rocky parts of a two month long road trip i took during the summer of 2003 across the country. 

best of series cover for illustration for publishing. i did the type separately on acetone because I know the values are wonky and it needs to be CHANGED!


ohhhh my, last week! i'm squirming. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009


heya duudes, its week 13! AAAAAAHHHH
either way, last week was the end of the dot exchange mentor program, and i had a really good time in it. my mentor was nathan ota and we got along really well and he definitely helped filter down some of my decisions with what i want to have my portfolio lean more towards when i graduate. we had a dinner reception thing and i embarrassed myself with my poor word choice, but everything was okay because most people know i am a total goon.

this was a painting that i did for nathan as a THANKS! and its 5"x 5" wood board. gessoed and then painted with gouache. 

it is of a sloth making the infamous 90s hand gesture, 'whatever'!

i'm the coolest person you'll ever meet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

this week's op ed final about how new york uplifted the ban on selling liquor and food in the same store. i did have a very fun time painting this. in comparison to all my other pieces i did this term, i have to admit that this time i just dove into the environment and tried to avoid the usual vignette thing. gimme some kudos for that ok?
first kramer's cover final. mark and esther literally chucked the project at us and wanted a finish in a week. for those who aren't familiar with the comic anthology, the covers are usually pretty out there and almost random. my concept here was albinimals (albino animals) surrounding a chameleon with a rad rainbow tattoo. and fuzzy cactus-like type. green with envy!!!!

after the crit i refined some ideas and decided to give the good ol brush pen another go. i'm much more comfortable at drawing figures faced to the left, so here's my attempt at showing my versatility. somewhat.

we went down to FAMILY BOOKSTORE today by lacma. its owned by sammy harkham, who was not only nice enough to tell us about his work and his store, but also gave us his proofs from the newest kramers ergot book. siiiick! and yes, it is that huge book. larger than your torso! christine and i biked down to family from the wilshire/western station. maaaaan does it feel nice to be outside! the weather lately has been absolutely beautiful.

AAAAAND i recently bought tickets to nyc. i'm going on the 7th of may until the 20th. if any of you guys have any fantastical suggestions about what to see and where to go, i would love to know! 

thanks muchly!