Sunday, April 5, 2009


heya duudes, its week 13! AAAAAAHHHH
either way, last week was the end of the dot exchange mentor program, and i had a really good time in it. my mentor was nathan ota and we got along really well and he definitely helped filter down some of my decisions with what i want to have my portfolio lean more towards when i graduate. we had a dinner reception thing and i embarrassed myself with my poor word choice, but everything was okay because most people know i am a total goon.

this was a painting that i did for nathan as a THANKS! and its 5"x 5" wood board. gessoed and then painted with gouache. 

it is of a sloth making the infamous 90s hand gesture, 'whatever'!

i'm the coolest person you'll ever meet.


James Chong said...

yaaah! linkinggggg.

you've convinced me to do the mentor program just through your blog! awesomeee.

Owen said...