Wednesday, April 1, 2009

this week's op ed final about how new york uplifted the ban on selling liquor and food in the same store. i did have a very fun time painting this. in comparison to all my other pieces i did this term, i have to admit that this time i just dove into the environment and tried to avoid the usual vignette thing. gimme some kudos for that ok?
first kramer's cover final. mark and esther literally chucked the project at us and wanted a finish in a week. for those who aren't familiar with the comic anthology, the covers are usually pretty out there and almost random. my concept here was albinimals (albino animals) surrounding a chameleon with a rad rainbow tattoo. and fuzzy cactus-like type. green with envy!!!!

after the crit i refined some ideas and decided to give the good ol brush pen another go. i'm much more comfortable at drawing figures faced to the left, so here's my attempt at showing my versatility. somewhat.

we went down to FAMILY BOOKSTORE today by lacma. its owned by sammy harkham, who was not only nice enough to tell us about his work and his store, but also gave us his proofs from the newest kramers ergot book. siiiick! and yes, it is that huge book. larger than your torso! christine and i biked down to family from the wilshire/western station. maaaaan does it feel nice to be outside! the weather lately has been absolutely beautiful.

AAAAAND i recently bought tickets to nyc. i'm going on the 7th of may until the 20th. if any of you guys have any fantastical suggestions about what to see and where to go, i would love to know! 

thanks muchly!


Samantha said...

you need to go to Gray's Papaya and see if they have a veggie dog. if there was ever a time to wish you ate meat, it would be for one of their hot dogs. best. fucking. hot dog. ever.

and h&h bagels!

silveraxe said...

love the liquor store painting!! <3
what did you use for that?

ping zhu said...


perry dixon maple said...

oh ping i love your stuff! especially this pink and white piece with all the animals! so pretty