Sunday, January 25, 2009

o hai

hometown piece for illustration for publishing
meester obama for op ed

this term so far
with gouache

sorry for being sans scanner

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hey dudes!

what a break its been. ive been seriously unproductive and regaining my sanity by watching hours of 30 rock and waking up late in the afternoon. things i cannot do when the term begins! now that there are only a few days left, my break will play out as it has been as of the last few weeks!

i've also currently become hooked to daft punk and pounding out my soul at the gym at ungodly hours! all this holiday new years extravaganzanism has gotten me crazy and easily irritated by large groups of mingling human beings..but it will all become something i envy in a few short days. 

luke and i saw gran torino yesterday and it was a very enjoyable movie. go see it you fools!

i did not manage to go anywhere during this lengthy break which is upsetting but whatever! i've decided in my heart that im going to nyc after this term finishes itself and taking summer off will be the best thing since sliced bread. also most likely moseying over to china for a while to see family and hopefully catch the longest SOLAR ECLIPSE EVER!!!! 6 freaking minutes on july 22nd and only viewable by those on the other side of the planet. aka china! YEAHHHH suckaas!

so i drew a tiny bit but taking 6 classes next term is going to murder my ass so i figured i would do something different over the break. dont want my creative juices turning into poison....

EITHER WAY im feeling stupidly optimistic right now and only 40% looking forward to next term. i would show you guys my minimal amount of sketches and the new muscles ive been sculpting at the gym but frankly i do not have the patience to get out from under these covers to get a camera. and i have no scanner.

lastly luke got my the charley harper illustrated life for christmas and its the best thing ever. better than my summer plans. YEAAAAAAAHHHHH BITCHESSS!!!! 2009!!!!