Tuesday, May 19, 2009


so on my last day, i get an assignment from the new york times for the letters page about reading aloud.
it was a pleasant surprise since i didn't think they would give me anything so soon, but like i said, a pleasant surprise!

these were the first round of sketches:

then i was informed that animals doing human things is something the paper stays away from so leanne asked the sketches to be more direct and with humans.
2nd round!

this is the final. its going to be on the letters page of the op ed section sometime this week so get the paper guys! its tiny so don't overlook it :)

see you all soon!
and a very happy birthday to my friend shasha, who can finally go buy a legal beer!


new york has been amazing! today is the last day :( but I'm really happy to be going home too. Christine and I took a lot of photos, but not as many as we could have because she forgot the cable :( its okay! we kept the best ones. 
We've been getting around town just by looking on yelp for the best food in town, which has been working out beautifully!
We went to Random House yesterday and everyone was so niceeee!!!!! I wish all of them were in my family tree. It's such a new experience showing your work to people who you could one day work with, but I'm just so glad people are friendly because it minimizes my flustered nature, haha!

weeee i can't wait to see all my friends!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

hula hula

hi guys

this week has been chock full of work because gary baseman's show is tonight and he's throwing this huge carnival/festival/extravaganza at the corey helford gallery and miss christine and i have been bustling around helping him make the little zine booklet that you can get (for freeeee) if you go to the show! he wanted everyone to leave with SOMETHING so christine and i made 298 of these books. it was a lot of work considering that we're both participating in open market, which is tomorrow! in the morning time!

anyway, you guys should go to the show. christine and i are hosting a game next to the big red hot cha cha cha so come out of your caves and play!

we're gonna sell really cool stuff tomorrow at open market, so go to that too! it's in old town at one colorado where the laemmle and johnny rockets is.

and thennn we're off to new york for 2 weeks! ee! ee! excited! 

zhu out!