Tuesday, May 19, 2009


so on my last day, i get an assignment from the new york times for the letters page about reading aloud.
it was a pleasant surprise since i didn't think they would give me anything so soon, but like i said, a pleasant surprise!

these were the first round of sketches:

then i was informed that animals doing human things is something the paper stays away from so leanne asked the sketches to be more direct and with humans.
2nd round!

this is the final. its going to be on the letters page of the op ed section sometime this week so get the paper guys! its tiny so don't overlook it :)

see you all soon!
and a very happy birthday to my friend shasha, who can finally go buy a legal beer!


Herrenz said...

yay for being in the New York Times!1

BrotherGonzo said...

Wow Ping thats so rad, it looks great!Congratulations!

Samantha said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

ping said...
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ping zhu said...

thanks guyssss!!!!!!!!

Anna Topuriya said...


kaeleen maeve said...

ping that's so fucking rad!! omg. congratulations. did you pre-arrange to go see some art directors while in NY or what??

ping zhu said...

yea i talked to brian rea and mark & esther and they gave me some people to see. it was awesomeeeeee

ching said...

good job! nice work too!