Thursday, October 16, 2008


i am soooooo cuuuuul


Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Hey Ping! You didn't tell me you had a blog! How about posting some good stuff like that beck painting, and your other oil creations?

P.S> I like the mermen with the overbite and parted hair.
P.s. p.s Maybe think about covering up all the explicit sexual imagery you have on here. The children are watching. Always watching.

_gem_ said...

Hey gurl~! u should've told me u had a blog so i could randomly rant at your stuff har har har~~X) anyways how's it going? :) i've been seeing so many Luke sketches in a "CJ" position while playing WoW ^^

nice stuff anyways keep them coming!!

ping zhu said...

lawwwwl guyzzz

i got a blog because everyone ELSE had one and i felt left out!

thanks for the compliments you two......makes me blush!

i dont know how to add people though. i am technologically retarded :(

abeoh! said...

hiiiiii pingggg :D

dave said...

i like the lamb