Thursday, February 26, 2009


hey dudes, here is my first book dummy for illustration for publishing. the book had to be a list of some sort and its about the different sexual acts that animals engage in when impressing their mates. still in the process of becoming a finished book, bound and everything. i have about 7 more illustrations to go and then hopefully get this thing made and sell it! this just shows the process of sketch ideas and the final pieces are painted with gouache. 7x7 inches


Herrenz said...

there's something awesome about the cuteness of the animals and the disgustingness of some of their behavoirs. yay for peeing porcupines~!

Anna Topuriya said...

so similar to humans
love your animals Pingy

min said...

omg so cute! i luva these!

MW said...

These animals seem very happy. Thank you for making them happy, I am sure that they are thankful.